Green Wizard Gardening Services

Private Garden, Glenealy, Co. Wicklow

Phil’s garden was a little bit neglected when we were asked to take over the maintenance of the garden. We were also asked to came out with a garden design to reduce maintenance requirement and turn the large lawn covered areas into something much more practical. This is an ongoing project which started back in the summer of 2017. The overall size of the garden is about 400m2 which can be divided into 5 different area. The house is surrounded with a large paved area which is mostly in shade as it’s a north facing garden. There are three large grass covered area on three different level with birch trees on the east side and tall retaining walls on west and north. There are several fruit trees on the highest terrace. The garden also consist a deep slope covered with Cotoneaster plants. This slope rises above the whole garden and gets full sun. The garden was visited several times and a wide range of maintenance job and a significant hard landscaping job was done so far: