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seapoint 12

Monkstown, Seapoint

This garden is an archetypical South Dublin one, with side vegetable patches and a sitdown area. Subcontract work.


This garden is an example what can be achieved with a small backgarden with years of proper maintenance.

Coolbeg, Wicklow

This garden was restored from an essentially ruined one by heavy machinery, originally had drainage issues, now the owner's pride and joy.

delgany 13


This garden basically just needed a new layout. As the area often was muddy, the main feature became the gravel covered area.


This garden's main challenge was the unusual elevation differences. The owner was away a while and the garden had to be restored from a full disrepair.

blackrock 7


This garden is a classical example what can be achieved if only small but frequent improvements done in a garden time to time.

rathfarnham 1


This garden is an small suburban back garden where the lawn were completely destroyed when a new shed was built. Finished in February of 2018.


This garden is a classical example what can be achieved if only small but frequent improvements are done in a garden time to time.


This is a typical suburban garden. The owner wanted a more refreshing approach, with more privacy. The lawn and the beds are totally rebuilt.

Longford Terrace

The garden needed a rebuild alongside the rebuild of the house. This garden's challenge were the remnants of an old cherry tree stump and root system which needed to be removed.



This small suburban garden originally was totally nondescript and the owner wanted a little enchanted one for his family to enjoy.

Wicklow town

This project is a public one in cooperation with Wicklow Tidy Towns. It aimed to restore one of the popular places along the river Leitrim as a public orchard.

Marlborough Road

The owner ordered to build a small building in the back of the garden, and the builders consequently destroyed the whole (back and front). It had to be rebuilt.

Monkstown Road

A sample of a freshly bought but untidy garden. It needed more of a makeover instead a rebuild. It follows the usual suburban Dublin garden patterns.