Green Wizard Gardening Services

Private Garden, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Finished beckgarden - Northbrook Road

This Ranelagh garden is a large suburban garden and we were tasked to build both a front and back garden suitable for the prestige of the area. As the house got a considerable extension and was renovated the builders left the garden barren populated mostly with weeds.

We had to prepare both areas with a considerable groundwork, and had to use a rotovator to soften the hardened soil. We planted 8 large trees (over 5 m tall and at least a 100kg heavy) and laid an extended area with grass turf. The remaider areas were fertilised and planted. In the front garden we planted a young line of Portugese Laurel hedge which will grow considerably in the next couple of years to give more privacy. We were encountered the following challenges during this project: