Green Wizard Gardening Services

Private Garden, Rathfarnham, Dublin 14

rathfarnham 1

This Rathfarnham garden is an small suburban back garden where the lawn were completely destroyed when a new shed was built. The garden also got drainage issues as well, we later found, under 15 cm topsoil there was a heavily compacted layer of subsoil. Any time when rained the lawn turned into a swamp. We were not only asked to reinstall the lawn, but also to create and implement some simple and practical design which could help resolve drainage problems and also turn the underused back garden into an outdoor living room.
This is a finished project, which was mostly done in February of 2018. Planting was delayed by the Beast from East, but as weather turned back to normal in early March, a spectacular display of plants found their new home in this garden. We used these plants to provide interesting colours and textures all year around in the raised beds. We were encountered the following challenges during this project: