Green Wizard Gardening Services

Private Garden, Blackrock, Rosemount, Dublin

blackrock 9

This Blackrock garden is a classic example what can be achieved if only small, but frequent improvements done in a garden time to time. The owner of this garden asked an unqualified person previously, who left everything behind unfinished. Then the garden was neglected for a couple of years. It needed maintenance, design, hard landscaping and new plants to turn it into a relaxing urban retreat.
This project started in the summer of 2016, but most of the improvements were done in 2017. The garden is still an ongoing project in this sense. Although the garden faces north, it is surrounded by a high wall which acts like a sun trap and it has a warm microclimate. This factor and the well established trees and scrubs with the ivy on the wall created very dry soil conditions especially during the summer months for further planting. In the other hand large part of the garden was in constant shade.
The garden has been visited roughly every half a year and at each visit not only the necessary maintenance (pruning, trimming, removal of unwanted plants, weed control) was done, but implemented several significant development too: