Green Wizard Gardening Services

Private Garden, Seapoint, Co. Dublin

seapoint 12

This garden is located in Seapoint in Dublin. Green Wizard was subcontracted to do the construction, the design was pre-made and followed the owner’s request to make a traditional Dublin garden. The work started incredibly hard as the house renovation workers left only a thin layer of topsoil to cover the compacted and cemented hard soil. The main area even needed a deep rotovation. The patio area took a full day just to break up the soil. Green Wizard laid all the gravel and turf grass and covered the beds (except the vegetable garden) with bark mulch. All needed to be manually moved because of the narrow passage into the garden. All vegetable beds were made with railway sleepers and the lower garden area beds were bordered with nice rocks. Three large pots (200kg each) moved to the end of the garden where small plants were planted.