Green Wizard Gardening Services


Garden design is fundamental to achieve success later. You should consider the cost of garden design as an investment which is return its cost many times over, because a properly designed garden can be maintained cheaper and less correction is needed in later years. During garden design many factors considered which affects the creation of a beautiful, sustainable and healthy garden for the years to come.


The first and most important step is a personal meeting with the client and get to know their needs, wants and options. Next we survey the future garden’s site, properties and environment. During the first survey we take photographs of the site and measure in a linear survey the properties for the evaluation of the planning and material needs. The first personal meeting and survey is free of charge. The follow up visits’ fees are subject to distance from our business site.

Design process

During the design process we use CAD (Computer Aided Design) and we are able to share the sketches and plans online with our clients. The first step is that we make multiple garden plan sketches, so the client can pick what they see the most fitting their needs, so we can continue our design focused. Next step is creating a plan which defines the exact location and nature of all plants or plant groups, surfaces and furnishings. After this plan we can have a fair idea how the future garden will look like. On request we create a visual overview of the garden. On request we provide a detailed plan, where all necessary data, size and quantity is provided. We attach a plan for planting and a concise plant list to the design. Also we can attach all plan and data for the paving/decking and other garden structures (borders, beds, firepit, garden steps, etc.) and every future furnishings (garden benches, playthings and so on).


We offer a full implementation of landscaping from clearing through paving and decking, laying turf grass to planting. The construction of the garden follows a professionally designed layout. We give our detailed quote after the attached qualitative and quantitative data of the building costs. After the acceptance of our offer and subsequent signing of the contract we can start to landscape. The construction is kept in schedule and running by a qualified foreman. Our colleagues are all qualified in their field and have the necessary skills. The appointed deadline can be altered by unplanned extra jobs or by the weather. In our philosophy it is essential to get a proper, high quality work, speed is never priority over quality!


Considering the local soil quality it is often necessary to spread some fertile top soil on the plot. Choosing the correct type of top soil we can increase the fertility, drainage and structure of the local poor quality soil. We can provide the correct amount of nutrient supply if we add organic manure or compost.

Paving, rockery, retaining walls

We offer paving and other (eg. pebbles, gravel) surfaces layout, building borders and beddings. We build lesser retaining walls (up to a meter high) and rockeries as well.

Irrigation systems

These days extreme weather conditions happen such as a long lasting dry season. In these cases without constant and thorough irrigation the gardens can seriously damage because of the local flora do not used to long dry periods. Especially potted plants and flowers in hanging baskets can suffer serious damage. Placing an automatic irrigation system built by previously constructed plans. Irrigation can happen with running water, collected rain water or any combination of these.

Laying turf or roll out grass

We offer to lay grass with seeding or with roll-out grass. Seeding is obviously cheaper, but it gives only after 2-3 years or regular and proper maintenance the sight of the roll out grass. We lay grass only cultivated, levelled and weed free soil.


Proper planting is key to achieve a beautiful garden. The to-be-planted plants are purchased only from certified nurseries and we pick only the healthiest, most beautiful and strong specimens. We pay attention and care that the plants are safe during transit. Every plant needs proper space and planting techniques for optimal growth, which we enrich with proper topsoil and manure. We pledge our garantee for every plant we aquire and plant.


Regular and professional maintenance is at least as important as the construction of one. It will provide beauty and delight only, if proper amount of work and time is provided to maintain it. If you would want your garden to be always in order, the seasonal work done in the proper timeframe and done professionally, and you have no time, energy to do it, contact us to request our professional quality garden maintenance service. We can provide weekly, forthnightly, monthly maintenance charging monthly, or occasional charges at each visit.

Grass maintenance

Grass needs regular cutting, constant light, and irrigation. If any of them falls short the grass starts to degrade. We offer the following grass maintenance activities:

  • Cutting grass: The real secret of any thick, green and healthy grass is the regular cutting. Regular cutting urges thickening in the grass, providing better looking layout. The grass cut irregularly gets patchy and many broad leaf weeds start to appear. With our range of lawn movers and strimmers we can handle lawns of any condition.
  • Nutrient resupply: regular cutting with removed cuttings withdraw a lot of nutrients from the soil, which needs to be replenished. Without fertiliser the lawn weakens and weeds pullulate quicker. Each season we provide different components in our fertilisers to replace lost nutrients.
  • Lawn refreshing: we remove the dead organic material, moss and we loosen the soil, and stop the patching process. In the spring and autumn after the loosening of the soil we reseeding larger patches, with grass seed. After repatching the grass needed to be cut more often to provide space for the fresh grass.
  • Selective weed spraying: In some cases it is necessary to spray weeds specific selective weed killers.
  • Autumn clean-up: The falling autumn leaves is collected with rakes and blowers to prevent the covered grass rotting and moulding.

Tree and hedge maintenance

With decorative trees and hedges early forming cut and later maintaining cuts and at advanced age renewing cuts are to be done. It is important to do the safety maintenance of old, sick or dead trees, especially the removal of dangerous branches. In case of the dangerously big or very high trees, please turn to tree surgeons. We don’t do it. We can form a decorative hedge starting with an early professional cutting, later we help it with regular hedge trimming. If pests (such as aphides) or other deceases attack them we offer spraying with the proper chemicals.

Cleaning services

Over the years the surfaces are affected by the weather, they can have discoloration, grime accumulated, algae and moss can grow over them. This is not only appaling, but can be slippery in wet weather. We offer driveway, patio, decking, pavements professional cleaning with high pressure power washer.